Galapagos Day 2

Another early wake up call 5:00a.m., breakfast and then shuttle over to the airport for the 1 1/2 hour flight to the Galapagos. We landed on the island of San Cristobal, then a short 20 minute bus ride to the waterfront of Malecon before embarking on the National Geographic( they just say Nat Geo) Endeavour. As soon as we arrive on the waterfront, we encounter our first sea lions, they are everywhere, lying on the docks, rocks, boats,  on the dock where we were loading onto the Zodiacs was a mother nursing her young pup and was not even bothered by all of us passing by, taking pictures.

I mentioned zodiacs earlier, yes this how we and our luggage are getting out to the ship.  I am a bit skeptical of this as it is quite windy and choppy in the bay and I just picturing my luggage and camera bags getting soaked on the very first day.  As we get further out in the bay it is getting choppier but somehow our luggage and us make it fairly dry, just our butts got a little wet. There are a few passengers I have seen that are going to have trouble getting on and off these zodiacs in these windy/ choppy  conditions. we did have a few injuries over the course of the week, one guy hurt his knee so bad he was never able to go to shore for the remainder of the cruise, what a shame.

once on board we settled into our cabin( I cannot believe I did not take a picture of it) we had lunch and the captain weighed anchor and we were off Cerro Brujo. A beautiful white sandy beach where we could just unwind and snorkel/swim  relax after our last busy couple of days. Once on shore we encounter sea lions again and marine iguanas, lots of them.  We have a beautiful sunny day and after a nice stroll on the beach decide it is time to swim and check out the water. YIKES, this water is COLD, even though this is an El Nino year (meaning we have a warm water current in place instead of the cold HUmboldt current) water temps in the mid 70’s which may sound warm to some of you but after swimming in waters in the high 80’s and pool  temps close to 90, this is freezing to me.  Fortunately they have wetsuits on board for our use.

My future posts I am going to cheat a little bit and use the daily recap written by our expedition leader, Cindy Manning. I will also add my own personal experiences if any for that day also, but believe they have so much packed into one day it is hard to remember everything. Plus I am relying on my memory as I did not write anything while on board as I was too busy or tired.










I thought this rock looked like a  smiling moray eel.


1 thought on “Galapagos Day 2

  1. Dianne Marse

    Wow one of my friends went on a trip that was some part of a science of sort and it was luxury 7 day adventure with marine scientist on board. I forget the name of the ship. I cant imagine all the wonderful wildlife and nature that is untouched really compared to us that you saw. Glad you got to do it. Welcome home.


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