Day 5 at sea nov 1st

slept in again, we did not wake up till 8:30, the ship had a funny shutter all.  it felt like we had a vibrating bed, but not in a good way. 

We went to our first port talk on the Azores and lo and behold it is the same port consultant , Barbara, we had on the Amsterdam.  Barbara is really good and gives great information of how to get around and what to see on your own. The Azores look lovely and I think Kelly will be for a real treat with all the sailboats, not sure we will get much past the marina. 

We opted out of the evening show tonigh, we just got a DVD and stayed in for the night. Winds picked up in the middle of the night 40 knots and 16 ft seas, not going to get much sleep,tonight


One thought on “Day 5 at sea nov 1st

  1. Marilyn

    Well it sounds like you are catching up on some much needed sleep busy girl!! Sea sickness pills can make you drousy I think too! Haha. You must be happy that you made it to port! Sounds like a real ride your getting!! I’ve experienced that and it’s quite a ride😬 It must be nice to run into people you met before!! Happy cruising!!


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