Friday Nov 4 Horta, Azores

Wow is it ever going to feel good to set foot on solid ground after a week at sea.  we arrived around 10 am, weather is cool in the upper sixties but it is mostly sunny so should be a great day to explore

What a charming little village  with cobblestone streets and tiled walkways. This a stop for all sailors sailing across the Atlantic, all along the waterfront Marina are paintings on the sea wall of their yachts and crew. We remember reading William F. buckley’s book Airborne that spoke of this place, little did we know that someday we would also be here. I always knew for sure it was not going to be on oir sailboat, the only way to cross the Atamntic is on a cruise ship or a 747. There is a bar here Peters Sports Cafe that all the cruisers go to and hang a burgee.  There is a scrimshaw museum upstairs ‘ but I understand they do not use Ivory anymore they use bones, glad to hear that.

We found a small cafe with great internet and had a beer (1 euro) for less than a dollar and caught up with some needed Internet time. I do not remember the last time I was not on the Internet for a whole week. 

I probably have posted too many pictures, sorry but it hard to choose.

Till the next port….. 


2 thoughts on “Friday Nov 4 Horta, Azores

  1. Elaine Coderre

    Hi enjoyed your pictures. Hope you are feeling better Angie. Looking forwaed to more pictures. Elaine Coderre


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