Malaga Nov, 8, 2016

The last couple of posts, I have had so many problems posting shoreside, I have been using my ipad to write the blog and upload photos, half the time it will not upload the photos and it takes so long, so I am going back to my laptap and will try the ships wifi and see if I have any better luck. 

We arrived Malaga early this morning and were tied up by 8:00a.m.  I was here many years ago at the age of 12 with my grandmother and cousin Toni, I do not remember a lot except going to the Alhambra in Granada and attending a bullfight which was very emotional , cruel and bloody.  I remember the picadors coming out and putting their pics in the bull to weaken the bull, while getting it to charge them so the blood would pump and the bull would weaken further, then out comes the matador, dressed in his finest enraging the bull with his red cape.  I remember feeling sorry for the bull but also worrying the matador was going to get gored. They just keep luring the bull closer and closer with their cape, and then everyone in the audience would holler Ole’.  I will not go into all the gory details but basically he lures him closer and closer and then finally plunges a blade of some sorts in between his shoulder blades and the bull dies, they cut off his ear and present it to the dignitaries in the audience.  I am not sure they still practice bullfighting, we did visit the bullfighting ring that I had attended,  it seemed then I remember, but then again I was only 12 so everything seemed big back then.


Kelly and I decided to do the hop on hop off double decker bus to tour the city, it has about 13 stops and you can get off on any of stops and then hop on the next one that comes along. for 20 euros each it is a great bargain in a city this size, one of our stops was the bull ring and then we went to the fort at the top of the hill which had some spectacular views of the city below.  It was a nice walk but very informative as all the signs inside were in Spanish, I think it was built in the 12 th century.

We walked back to the ship instead of taking the shuttle, took the low road and saw a stairway in the distance that we could take back up to the road to the ship, unfortunately as you see below in the picture, the stairway just ended at the top and led nowhere, so we ended up backtracking but got a good laugh out of it.

tomorrow Alicante, stay tuned…..



2 thoughts on “Malaga Nov, 8, 2016


    We’ve been following your posts and photos. Keep having fun and posting. Looking forward to your next stop. Pat & Bob

  2. Hal Hovland

    We are watching your trip.  Great pictures and good times.   We leave 11/13/16 for Dubai.  Hope to send current messages of our trip.  If I can’t figure the technique from my Iphone, then I will still have my video camera to watch later.You are doing a great job.Hal & Mary Ann


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