Barcelona Nov 10, 2016

I sent off the Barcelona post by error as I had not finished writing about our experience.

We are overnighting in Barcelona, this is such a large city with so many things to offer even two days is not enough. Kelly and I have been to Barcelona twice before, I love this city , Kelly not so much.  In fact I had to talk him into getting off the ship at all.  We decided to do the Hop on Hop off bus again, it is a great way to see the highlights of the city , we did an entire loop on just the red line which mainly covers just the central district and it took us 3 hours! there is so much traffic , stop lights and pedestrians. The architecture is this city is so  beautiful and you have such contrast of the very old standing next to such a modern structure.In a couple of the pictures are houses that were designed by Gaudi, the one that has a smooth wavy surface with the crazy metal balcony rails and the one that has blue and lots of color on the façade.  Kelly at first was occupied with the free Wifi on board, haha, but that only lasted so long, I was hoping to go on the blue line and see the Sagrada Familia, the cathedral Gaudi designed but never finished before he was struck by a tram in the streets of Barcelona.  we had seen this before but it is so magnificent , I was hoping to see it again, but after sitting for 3 hours, he had enough, which may have been for the best, not sure what time we would have gotten back to the ship. So we got off at the famous Las Ramblas , a tree lined boulevard with various vendors, cafes, street mimes and performers and decided to walk this back to the port area. As soon as we got off the bus Kelly spotted a Hard Rock Café, we have been in every Hard Rock Café around  the world that we have come across, not going to pass this one up either to sit and have a cold beer.

After that we joined the throngs of people on the streets to head back to the ship. Barcelona is such a melting pot , you will hear languages all across the world, but mostly you will notice that  it is made of the younger population.


Day 2

never got off the ship today,Kelly had enough yesterday of the traffic, people and hustle bustle.  so today we had beer and pizza on board on the stern of the ship looking at skyline of the city, not a bad way to spend the day. I saw a few of my fellow Mah Jong players on board also and scrounged up a game for the afternoon. tonight they are have a Spanish Paella and BBQ party poolside, should be fun!

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