Alicante, Spain Nov, 9 2016

Kelly and I are exhausted today we were up all night last night watching the election results, we are 6 hours ahead of EST so the Florida polls did not close until 2:00a.m. here then add on California polls and you can see why we were up all night.  I will refrain from any political comments, all that know me know my political affiliation and I remained true to my party.

We arrived in Alicante a little later than some of our ports, 10:00 a.m. so at least that helped we did not have to rush in the morning to get off.  my first impressions of this seaside village is wealth, there is a huge marina filled with lots of impressive yachts.  There is a great esplanade for walking here that is lined with 6.5 million marble floor tiles in a design to represent waves. yes that was not a typo I did mean millions!

we enjoyed just waking around taking in the local culture, charming little place, we stopped at a café along the esplanade to have some sangria and tapas(small plates) of tuna and roasted peppers and chorizos. of course we were approached by all the street vendors wanted to sell us bracelets, carvings, dance for us , etc. but once you say no they go away, they are not aggressive. 

tomorrow the big city of Barcelona where we will overnight…..



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