Livorno, Italy Nov 13, 2016

This is our first time to this port, which is the port city to Florence and Pisa, now seeing as we have already ben to those two  cities we decide to explore Livorno. The port provided a shuttle into the city center which was fine  except  there was a marathon being run in the town at the time we took the shuttleand the road the shuttle was to take was closed off, lots of very unhappy passengers, but hey this is what happens when you travel you need to be flexible. Unfortunately a lot of our fellow passengers do not feel this way and starting showing their ugly American side. Fortunately there was a local tour guide on the bus with us and she walked all us who were able into town.  In the city center square they were having a dance contest and we sat and watched while they danced the tango, samba and a couple of other dances.  it is Sunday and the streets are quite busy everyone out for a walk or shopping, off we go to explore, we had planned to lunch in a restaurant that had built in the 1930’s which was suppose to have great food.  as we got further and further into the city we became a little disoriented as to where we were good thing Kelly has compass on his phone and knew which way we needed to head. on the way we came across an open air market that was nothing but chocolate vendors, in every shape, flavor you can imagine, we bought a few pieces, it was quite good.  Then we ran across a house that had a huge statue spiderman on their roof, I would love to know the story behind that. We finally came upon the restaurant we were looking for but they were packed , if you had no reservations you could not get in,  oh well we found another local pizzeria and some local red wine and a pizza. All in all it was a great day.


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