Naples, Italy Nov 15, 2016

Another big city that we have been to before, Kelly elected to just stay on the ship, so off I went by myself. once you get out of the terminal there are taxis and tour companies wanting to take you anywhere you want to go. I elected to take the hop on hop off bus , as this seemed like a safe choice seeing as I was by myself. seeing as I had been here before I elected to take the route that took me along the shore and out of town a bit. But first we had to get out of the city, looking down at all the traffic and watching the motorbikes weave in and out of the traffic is quite nerve wracking, I do not know how some of them make it through with just inches between them and the cars.

it was a nice ride up into the hills with nice views of Capri and Mt Vesuvius.

On the walk back to the ship there all hawkers all around trying to sell you Gucci purses for $10, they have them laid out on a blanket and if they see a police officer anywhere in view they just fold up their blankets and move along so innocently. haha


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