Kerkira, Corfu, Greece Nov 17, 2016

Corfu, what a delightful place,after such a contrast after the bustling city  of Naples in our last port. Corfu is the second largest Greek island and lies in the Ionian Sea. the old town is a UNESCO world heritage site with its narrow cobblestone streets. we enjoyed exploring this city along with the old fort which at one time housed the entire population back in the 1500’s.  We did a little shopping, Kelly bought a really nice greek fisherman’s cap, stopped to enjoy a café in one of the many coffee shops lining the streets. We toured the fort, climbed all the way to the top for some stunning views, then walked the couple of miles back to the ship along the waterfront lined with all the traditional Greek fishing boats. After all of our walking we found a couple of very comfortable chairs up in the Crow’s Nest ordered a couple of well deserved  drinks and awaited our sailaway  from Corfu.








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